1. Cast Slides (Sierra, Elizabeth and Brianne)

2. Raoul’s Top Hat from Vegas (SO many people were asking about this, the BCEFA people actually ended up filming an interview with me thanks to this very interesting hat. Highlight of my day right there)

3. The Venetian Magazine that I HAVE LITERALLY BEEN COVETING FOR ALMOST SEVEN YEARS YOU DON’T EVEN REALIZE. I thought I was never going to be able to get my hands on it!

All in all, the Flea Market didn’t have as much stuff as previous years (exponentially less in costumes, even the rosettes they had were just small individual roses, rather than the clusters I bought last year) I was too late for a Degas bow and veil, etc. No boat cushion, sadly because I finally decided I was going to get one no matter the price this year.