Sierra Boggess. 

I saw her in the Vegas production the day after it premiered. I believe it was her first performance, given that Elizabeth did the opening. I was absolutely blown away by her performance and since then, she has always been one of my favorite Christines. I love the tone and power of her voice and her acting. Hell, I even love that weird diction she has going on because it sets her apart from other Christines. I like Christines that have something a little quirky going on. Lord knows that’s one of the reasons Leila Benn Harris is my favorite Christine of all time. 

So… I’m not ashamed to admit that I love Sierra’s Christine and I’ve loved her since the beginning (quite literally) and I was seriously happy when I found out she was doing the anniversary concert and then I was happy when she was awesome in it because now its on DVD. 

This all being said… I think she looked much better in the US costumes and wig. There was something very sultry and classical about it.