How excited am I about seeing Darcy and Miss Saigon tomorrow? The answer is very!!!


It totally looks like I scalped Christine doesn’t it.

It totally looks like I scalped Christine doesn’t it.


Meeting Darcy tomorrow for afternoon tea and espionage. Y’know, girl stuff.

Have you described where you're staying? Are you coming home?

It’s my first time staying in a dorm, which is just an all around interesting experience. The entire room is smaller than my storage room back in my apartment, and the bathroom is literally smaller than my coat closet (initially I thought it was just smaller than my walk in but IT IS LITERALLY SMALLER THAN MY COAT CLOSET THAT IS INSANE)

But, it’s an en suite and I’m not sharing it with anyone, which is awesome because I have no concept of how to share and the last time I did it I think we would have murdered each other in about another three days.

The wall is painted cinderblock and the bed is decidedly not a pillowtop. :P

I share a common room and a kitchen with I think four other people, which isn’t too bad at all since no one else seems to care about cooking. 

I also have a really nice view of the park across the street. 

Darcy, You are a lovely flower. Your talent and skills surpass that of any normal person. Your compelling artwork and sensational costumes are a treat to all eyes that gaze upon it. I wish you much success in your future career. And I hope one day you get to bath in the blood of your enemies. Your beloved friend and companion, Jovan.

Jovan you are the celestial being that lights up my life. Your talent as a singer and as a performer are eclipsed only by the generosity of your heart and your capacity for love for your friends. When you are out there performing on Broadway, I will tackle 13 year olds out of my way to get your autograph, then promptly walk off with you to go do lunch and be all like “IN YOUR FACE TEENY BOPPERS you thought I was just another fan but he’s actually my bestie”

Will you make a post about your time at HMT? I've really enjoyed all of your random posts about it :) I'm so glad you got this experience, you deserve it.

Hi, thank you SO much.

Oh gosh, I really would love to! I just have no idea where to begin! It was such an amazing whirlwind experience and so many exciting and hilarious things happened that day I’d just keep leaving stuff out. 

I wrote myself a diary entry of sorts later that evening (because one does not simple go to sleep afterwards) but a lot of that is just me reacting to something in my life going so terrifyingly perfect.

I’ll have a think on what to put in the post, and in the meantime if anyone has any specific questions feel free to send me a message about it and I’ll try my best to answer!

LOVE SPREAD TIME - you know you are my precious little cherry and I love you too much and I'm so sad you're leaving London soon :( <33


And I’m tight we only got to spend such a short time together. :(

did I tell you guys about how when we ran into ashleigh in her triangle girl costume i almost tripped into a shelf?

How does the movie ending invalidate LND?




Because it says Christine died in 1917 instead of 1905, as in the LND ending.

For the love of God, don’t point it out, or ALW might feel compelled to make a third musical to bridge the two versions.

Or he could write “Phantom of the Opera 3: The Undercover Years,” where he exposes Christine’s life as a secret agent before and during WWI, until she mysteriously dies in action in France a year before the war’s end … her seeming death at the end of LND was part of a plot to erase her identity so that she could travel undetected from country to country. Her life as an actress and her knowledge of multiple languages help make her the perfect spy…


SO Harriet’s wig, I got the answer!

Basically, they did in fact want the lighter color for her because it worked well with her skin tone, eyes, etc. but that decision probably came after the wig was already made or the hair was already obtained (again, these are real hair wigs) so they ended up having to more or less bleach/lighten it, a process that made the hair so brittle that it wasn’t really holding the curls all that well, which is why her other wig is the darker one, which holds the curls better. 

It sounds like they’re not thinking of phasing out the light one completely as far as I can tell, but it’s not a completely arbitrary decision.

veroniqueclaire is the most fabulous person I have ever met in my life fullstop

What&#8217;s sad is that if I had a boutique it would probably look like that.

What’s sad is that if I had a boutique it would probably look like that.

I might have accidentally involved Chris in my shenanigans. 

I might have accidentally involved Chris in my shenanigans. 

If you buy enough maybe you can sew them into a raft to transport all your souvenirs home in

I like the way you think. You’re gonna go places in this organization. In fact, get in touch with Judy about getting a raise. 

darcy if you buy one more trench coat I am going to disown you
my mom probably