Favorite song from phantom? (youve probably already answered this but still)

I LOVE how charged PONR is, especially when the actors really have chemistry (or if when it’s Elizabeth Loyacano and even the worst Phantom can’t hold her back). But even as a song alone, I’m completely in love with that underlying tango rhythm.

I’m also in love with the title song. I don’t really have Phantom songs on my playlist because I’ve just heard them so many times, but a couple of versions of the title song get rotated in. I’m a big fan of the rockiness of it all, the electric guitar riffs combined with the (let’s face it) more operatic qualities of the cadenza. It really gets me psyched to do shit.

So our professor brought in balloons and told us to blow them up then bop em around.


How many people have you killed who knew your name?

It’s bad form to keep count.

I’m not a particularly big fan of this bathing suit, but I’d be lying if the lilac/periwinkle color scheme and ruffles didn’t scream Christine Countess at me. :P

Yes, its Modcloth. Yes, I’m supposed to be paying attention in class right now. :P

what did you think of ali ewoldt as cosette?

I believe I only saw her replacement, Leah Horowitz on Broadway. What I do know about Eli is that I LOVE the black lace collared white dress they gave her for AHFOL. It was gorgeous.

Would the story change if Lerix was deformed in only half on his face?

I think it would affect it a little because it sounds like it’s the difference between being a living skeleton with parchment-like skin and really sunken in, gaunt features as a whole. 

Maybe I’m overreaching with this, but I can see that having his affliction in his whole body contributed to his morbid fascination with death itself, the coffin, his reasoning behind his choice of sleeping arrangement, Dies Irae, and possibly even his work as an assassin. I mean, it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility that the fact that he sees himself as made of death from head to toe made him such an incredibly morbid person.

If he were only deformed in half his face, he still would have been reviled by society and he still would have face all the ridicule and rejection that made him the Phantom we know him as, but circumstances would have been different. The change in deformity wouldn’t have stopped him from becoming a murderer, but it might have made him more like ALW’s Phantom (or maybe even Dance!Phantom), as in less inclined towards the macabre that was so horrifying to Christine and more capable of normality and romanticism that we tend to get with those versions as opposed to Leroux.

Is it making sense what I’m trying to get at? When people romanticize the Phantom as a character, it’s almost never with Lerik and his corpse-like and seemingly schizotypal qualities in mind, it’s a humanized Phantom who’s only physical deformity lies in his face, and that makes it easier to imagine that with enough love and compassion, he could in fact just be normal. 

Which actress do you think the mint Cosette dress looked best on? :)

I particularly loved the way it looked on Katie Hall. I think it was particularly flattering for her skin tone, plus the fact that her wig was such a lovely shade of blonde. 


I don’t love how it looks on Samantha Hill and I think it’s specifically because her wig color doesn’t seem to do much for her (she’s SO gorgeous, but her Les Miz styling makes her look really plain). 

guuuuuys send me asks

I’m rewarding myself because I’ve actually sent out all the emails and contacted all the people I can about my obligations. I’m at the point where my job is just to sit back and wait for replies.

The moment I willingly share my real name with someone is literally the biggest milestone in all my friendships.


All I Ask Of You
Brianne Morgan and Jovan Bradley


So a few days ago, Jovan did this…You know what? Challenge accepted! Even though my allergies are pretty bad this week and my upper range doesn’t want to work, I still did it! I’ll redo it and post to Sound Cloud (and here) when I feel better. :P How you like them apples, Jovan?!

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Tonight on 1001 Basic Art Assignments Margaret Hates:
Self Portraits.
#also it ran off the edge of the paper

I think it really speaks to how deep down inside you feel only halfway real.


Tonight on 1001 Basic Art Assignments Margaret Hates:

Self Portraits.

I think it really speaks to how deep down inside you feel only halfway real.

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First off… thank you <3

I’m mostly a Phantom blog with a bit of Les Miz thrown in, but occasionally a few posts about other shows I watch/fandoms I’m in. Off the top of my head, Revenge, The Blacklist, OUaT, Marvel stuff (probably mostly Black Widow), Russian Assassins Alex Rider and miscellaneous.

I make Phantom photosets (and I take requests for them!). I LOVE talking about the Phantom costumes, and I love talking about clothes in general, I love finding pieces that remind me of Phantom costumes (Phantom Fashion).

I do a looooot of phanart. I haven’t posted a new piece in a while because I’ve been a bit busy with school, but I definitely have a few things on the pipeline.

I make Phantom Bows and Phantom Costume Replicas! And you can buy them through my Facebook page, which has other information about commissions. 

The Modern Day Phantom design (and now phic) series is my pet project and I LOVE hearing from people about it, whether it’s story prompts, or costumes/characters to adapt, etc.

I’d tell you more about what I post but I think you’ll get a pretty good idea of that soon enough. Some of you might jump ship, but until then, let’s have some fun.

Free free to send me an ask any time! I love talking to people.


Some of the best roles I’ve played so far:

A photoset of all the best roles I’ve had the pleasure of playing on stage in my lifetime.

  1. Henry: Next To Normal (2012)
  2. Benny: In The Heights (2013)
  3. Tom Collins: RENT (2013)
  4. Cinderellas Prince/Wolf: Into The Woods (2014)

Not seen on this list because I haven’t gone on stage yet:

  • John: Miss Saigon (2014)